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Seventh Umbral Era Main Scenario Quests

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Title Area Level
Eggs over Queasy Central Shroud 7
Prudence at This Junction Central Thanalan 8
A Soldier's Breakfast Central Shroud 9
Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow Central Thanalan 12
We Come in Peace Gridania 20
Dance Dance Diplomacy East Shroud 21
Forest Friend East Shroud 21
Druthers House Rules South Shroud 22
Never Forget South Shroud 23
Microbrewing Upper La Noscea 23
Nouveau Riche South Shroud 23
Terror at Fallgourd The Waking Sands 27
Ziz Is So Ridiculous North Shroud 28
Trial by Turtle South Shroud 30
What Do You Mean You Forgot the Wine Eastern La Noscea 32
You Can't Take It with You Eastern Thanalan 35
The Final Flight of the Enterprise Coerthas Central Highlands 38
The Best Inventions Coerthas Central Highlands 39
The Curious Case of Giggity Western La Noscea 43
Dressed for Conquest Mor Dhona 46
Hearts on Fire Northern Thanalan 49
Rock the Castrum Northern Thanalan 50
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