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Dravanian Sidequests

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Title Area Level
Fiery Wings, Fiery Hearts Idyllshire 1
Arms Wide Open Idyllshire 60
Between a Rock and the Hard Place Idyllshire 66
He Ain't Piggy, He's My Brother Idyllshire 66
Stop Bugging Me Idyllshire 58
Community Service Idyllshire 58
Cry Havoc Idyllshire 58
Sacking the Foe Idyllshire 58
Can You Hear Me Now Idyllshire 58
A New Leaf Idyllshire 58
Feltsmox Switches Bait Idyllshire 58
Ebb and Aetherflow Idyllshire 58
The Vangob Job Idyllshire 58
Many Hands Make Light Checkwork Idyllshire 58
Taking Stock Idyllshire 58
Watchcogs Idyllshire 58
The Pick of the Bunch Idyllshire 58
Administrative Difficulties Idyllshire 58
Red Tape Idyllshire 58
The Golden Rule Idyllshire 58
The New Arrivals Idyllshire 58
Notched Bone's Suspicions Idyllshire 58
Dedean's Doubts Idyllshire 58
Lean and Hungry Gentlemen Idyllshire 58
Private Investigations Idyllshire 58
Ancient Goblin Secrets Idyllshire 58
Cityfriends Idyllshire 58
Top Marks Idyllshire 59
A Striking Opportunity Idyllshire 60
Let Me Gubal That for You Idyllshire 60
Keeping Up with the Aliapohs Idyllshire 60
The Fires of Sohm Al Idyllshire 60
Fantastic Mr. Faux Idyllshire 80
Saro Roggo's Common Life Matoya's Cave 59
A Straightforward Fancy Matoya's Cave 59
A Statuesque Interest Matoya's Cave 59
A Self-possessed Pastime Matoya's Cave 59
The Magic Word Matoya's Cave 59
Have I Toad You Lately Matoya's Cave 59
The Bathing Bully The Churning Mists 54
A Show of Devotion The Churning Mists 54
A Dream Blooms The Churning Mists 54
Road Kill The Churning Mists 54
Nut Job The Churning Mists 54
Who's Got the Baskets The Churning Mists 54
Where Dragons Tread The Churning Mists 54
Something Needs to Change The Churning Mists 54
My Friend the Enabler The Churning Mists 54
Pom-pom Panic The Churning Mists 54
Hide Your Moogles The Churning Mists 54

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