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Title Area Level
Toll Booty Mor Dhona 54
Li'l Rascals Mor Dhona 54
Short Arms of the Law Mor Dhona 54
Precious Reclamation The Doman Enclave 70
A Thousand and One Farewells Revenant's Toll 70
It Takes an Enclave The Doman Enclave 70
Lighting the Way The Doman Enclave 70
Towards the Firmament Ishgard 60
A Home in the Firmament The Firmament 60
Overseer for a Day The Firmament 60
Shadow of an Icy Past The Firmament 60
To Thaw a Frozen Heart The Firmament 60
The Making of a Market The Firmament 60
Dealings in the Desert Gridania 60
A Parley with Pirates Ul'dah 60
May Featherfall Flourish Limsa Lominsa 60
Not by Bread Alone The Firmament 60
Francel's Fervent Wish The Firmament 60
An Unexpected Symphony The Firmament 60
Smiles Cross the Sky The Firmament 60
If Songs Had Wings The Firmament 60
O Crafter, My Crafter The Firmament 70
An Ode to Unity The Firmament 70
On Ehll Tou's Wings The Firmament 70
Adventurers and Admirers The Firmament 60
Calling All Adventurers The Firmament 60
A Gathering of Gaelicats The Firmament 60
Of Steam, Sweat, and Water The Firmament 60
Swords to Plowshares The Firmament 60
Planting the Seed The Firmament 60
The Brume Lifts The Firmament 60
You Can Count on It The Firmament 70
Those Who Serve The Firmament 70
Shadow over the Orphanage The Firmament 60
Small Hands, Big Hearts The Firmament 60
A Fashionable Friendship The Firmament 60
Warm Hands, Warm Hearts The Firmament 60
Mislaid Plans Ishgard 80
Work It Harder, Make It Better Ishgard 80
In Everyone's Best Interests Ishgard 80
 Ever Skyward Ishgard 80
 The Tools of Tomorrow Ishgard 80
Oddness in the End Ishgard 80
 The Pinnacle of Possibility The Firmament 80
 Greater Heights The Firmament 80
An Original Improvement The Crystarium 90
 A Dedicated Tool The Crystarium 90
 An Adaptive Tool The Crystarium 90
The Joy of Zoi The Crystarium 90
 A Tool of Her Own The Crystarium 90

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