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Title Area Level
Seer Folly Gridania 30
Only You Can Prevent Forest Ire South Shroud 35
O Brother, Where Art Thou South Shroud 40
Following in His Footsteps South Shroud 45
Yearn for the Urn South Shroud 45
Heart of the Forest South Shroud 50
A Relic Reborn (Thyrus) North Shroud 50
Taint Misbehaving South Shroud 50
A Journey of Purification North Shroud 52
The Girl with the Dragon Tissue Coerthas Central Highlands 54
The Dark Blight Writhes Coerthas Western Highlands 56
In the Wake of Death The Dravanian Forelands 58
Trials of the Padjals The Dravanian Forelands 58
Hands of Healing South Shroud 60
Unease in East End South Shroud 60
An Aura for Trouble The Fringes 63
A Beacon for Bad Things The Fringes 65
The Problem with Padjals The Fringes 68
What She Always Wanted The Fringes 70
Whence the Healing Springs South Shroud 80
Taking the Black Ul'dah 30
You'll Never Go Back Ul'dah 35
International Relations Ul'dah 40
The Voidgate Breathes Gloomy Eastern Thanalan 45
The Blood Must Flow Eastern Thanalan 45
Always Bet on Black Eastern Thanalan 50
A Relic Reborn (Stardust Rod) North Shroud 50
Black Books Ul'dah 50
An Unexpected Journey Ul'dah 52
A Cunning Plan Ul'dah 54
Black Squawk Down Ul'dah 56
Destruction in the Name of Justice Ul'dah 58
The Defiant Ones Ul'dah 60
Shades of Shatotto Ul'dah 60
Golems Gone Wild Ul'dah 63
When the Golems Get Tough Ul'dah 65
Unnatural Selection Ul'dah 68
One Golem to Rule Them All Ul'dah 70
A Home for a Tome Ul'dah 80
Austerities of Flame Limsa Lominsa 30
Austerities of Earth Gridania 35
Shadowing the Summoner Gridania 40
Allagan Attire Gridania 45
Austerities of Wind Gridania 45
Primal Burdens Gridania 50
A Relic Reborn (The Veil of Wiyu) North Shroud 50
A Fitting Tomestone Gridania 50
A Matter of Fact Gridania 52
A Miner Negotiation Ul'dah 54
Mad, Bad, and Ebon-clad Ul'dah 56

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