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Merchant & Mender Eastern La Noscea (X:30.6 Y:31.2)
Merchant & Mender Eastern La Noscea (X:20.7 Y:20.6)
Blue Lily Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:8.4 Y:11.8)
Calamity Salvager Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:11.3 Y:14.3)
Merchant & Mender Lower La Noscea (X:32.5 Y:20.4)
Merchant & Mender Lower La Noscea (X:25.5 Y:35.0)
Merchant & Mender Lower La Noscea (X:21.4 Y:38.7)
Merchant & Mender Middle La Noscea (X:25.5 Y:17.3)
Housing Merchant Mist (X:10.8 Y:11.5) Other Locations
Merchant & Mender Outer La Noscea (X:19.4 Y:17.4)
Apartment Merchant Topmast Apartment Lobby (X:6.1 Y:6.0)
Junkmonger Upper La Noscea (X:14.8 Y:24.2)
Junkmonger Upper La Noscea (X:26.1 Y:26.4)
Merchant & Mender Upper La Noscea (X:30.0 Y:23.7)
Merchant & Mender Western La Noscea (X:34.8 Y:31.3)
Merchant & Mender Western La Noscea (X:26.2 Y:26.1)
Merchant & Mender Western La Noscea (X:22.5 Y:22.7)
Merchant & Mender Central Shroud (X:21.8 Y:21.1)
Merchant & Mender Central Shroud (X:23.1 Y:19.4)
Merchant & Mender Central Shroud (X:24.9 Y:27.8)
Encampment Clothier & Tailor East Shroud (X:21.8 Y:25.8)
Merchant & Mender East Shroud (X:17.2 Y:27.4)
Merchant & Mender East Shroud (X:9.8 Y:23.5)
Merchant & Mender East Shroud (X:11.8 Y:25.5)
Apartment Merchant Lily Hills Apartment Lobby (X:6.1 Y:6.0)
Merchant & Mender North Shroud (X:28.1 Y:28.1)
Merchant & Mender North Shroud (X:21.6 Y:25.8)
Tool Supplier & Mender North Shroud (X:29.9 Y:18.9)
Albgast Old Gridania (X:14.6 Y:8.8)
Calamity Salvager Old Gridania (X:10.0 Y:8.4)
Arms Supplier South Shroud (X:25.5 Y:20.1)
Arms Supplier & Mender South Shroud (X:18.2 Y:19.9)
Merchant & Mender South Shroud (X:17.1 Y:28.8)
Housing Merchant The Lavender Beds (X:11.7 Y:8.3) Other Locations
Merchant & Mender Central Thanalan (X:21.3 Y:18.4)
Junkmonger Eastern Thanalan (X:13.8 Y:23.2)
Merchant & Mender Eastern Thanalan (X:10.8 Y:16.7)
Junkmonger Southern Thanalan (X:15.9 Y:30.0)
Merchant & Mender Southern Thanalan (X:18.3 Y:12.7)
Merchant & Mender Southern Thanalan (X:15.9 Y:29.0)
Apartment Merchant Sultana's Breath Apartment Lobby (X:6.1 Y:6.0)
Housing Merchant The Goblet (X:11.4 Y:9.4) Other Locations
Haneko Burneko The Waking Sands (X:6.2 Y:4.9) Other Locations
Calamity Salvager Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (X:12.6 Y:13.1)
Rarakiya Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (X:13.8 Y:9.7)
Merchant & Mender Western Thanalan (X:25.6 Y:24.1)
Merchant & Mender Western Thanalan (X:22.3 Y:16.1)
Merchant & Mender Western Thanalan (X:12.1 Y:13.8)
Merchant & Mender Western Thanalan (X:15.1 Y:29.3)
Merchant & Mender Western Thanalan (X:15.3 Y:18.5)
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