Changes to HQ Items in Patch 6.0

Certain items will no longer be obtainable in HQ form following the release of Patch 6.0.

HQ Item Adjustments

In order to reduce inventory bloat, the following adjustments will be made in Patch 6.0.

HQ Items Unobtainable After the Release of Patch 6.0

  • Items gathered via botany, mining, and fishing
  • Materials dropped by enemies
  • Materials obtained via tomestone and scrip exchange
  • Non-craftable materials obtained from certain content

Equipment and crafted items (including intermediary materials such as iron ingots) will continue to be obtainable as HQ items.

Unobtainable HQ Items Held in Possession at Launch of 6.0

HQ items affected by this change that have been acquired prior to Patch 6.0 will remain in player inventories.
Please note that these items will be “HQ” in name only, as they will not increase crafting quality nor provide any bonuses upon delivery for leves, Grand Company delivery missions, company projects, Crystarium Deliveries, etc.
Furthermore, these items cannot be traded or bought/sold via the market board.

* HQ items affected by these changes that are being sold by retainers prior to the release of Patch 6.0 will remain on the market. Please note, however, that you will no longer be able to search for or purchase these items from the market board, and thus will need to remove any unobtainable HQ items you have on the market manually.
* The affected HQ items can be traded and sold on the market board by manually lowering their quality to NQ.

Miscellaneous Adjustments to HQ Items

In accordance with the above changes, botanist, miner, and fisher attributes and actions that affect gathering yield will be adjusted. In addition, quests, challenge log objectives, and achievements which require HQ items to be gathered for completion will be adjusted as necessary.

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