Gather One, Gather All─Yo-kai Watch Returns to Eorzea!

Once more, a horde of Yo-kai descends upon Eorzea!

Join in the fun and get your paws on weapons, mounts, and minions─including Jibanyan and Whisper! This time around, the event features weapons for samurai, red mage, gunbreaker, and dancer, so there is something for everybody.

Don’t miss out on this zany collaboration event!
Read on for more details.

* This event is identical to the one previously held in 2016 and 2017, with the addition of samurai, red mage, gunbreaker, dancer weapons, and minions.
* If you have already completed the quest for this event, it cannot be accepted again. However, you may still earn Yo-Kai Medals while equipped with a Yo-kai Watch.
* During the event, Yo-kai Watches will available for purchase from recompense officers in major cities.
* The Yo-kai Medallium will be moved to the Collection menu, even if you had previously discarded it.

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