Early Access for FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers Begins!

It is our pleasure to announce the start of early access for FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers! We hope you enjoy the adventures that await in the First!

Please Be Mindful about Spoilers

During the early access period, there will be no restrictions on what content you can discuss, post, or stream while following the Material Usage License Agreement. However, we ask that early access users please be considerate and refrain from posting spoiler-related content as there are those players who may start at the official launch, or play at their own pace. 

This doesn’t mean that players cannot stream or share the content they’re playing, we just ask everyone to be mindful about what they’re sharing publicly as they explore the First!

* Please be advised that data mining is a violation of the FINAL FANTASY XIV User Agreement.

Pre-order Bonus Code Registration

During early access, players who have registered a pre-order bonus code and met the requirement to enter Shadowbringers areas will be able to begin playing as soon as maintenance concludes. Instructions on registering your bonus code and participating in early access can be found here.

* Those who do not fulfill the requirements to enter Shadowbringers areas can still enjoy Shadowbringers-related content outside of the main scenario if they have registered their pre-order bonus code.

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