Announcing the 10th Anniversary Mosaic Art Sweepstakes

We are pleased to announce a special screenshot sweepstakes to celebrate the 10th anniversary! Winners will receive an in-game prize, and their entry will be included in a mosaic artwork that will recreate the 10th anniversary artwork by Yoshitaka Amano!

The final piece will be comprised of up to 20,000 screenshots, the majority of which will need a white or yellow tone.

Join us in creating this mosaic commemorating A Realm Reborn’s 10th anniversary!

How to Participate


You must possess an active FFXIV account at the time of submission and read and agree to the full terms and conditions of the sweepstakes.
* Make sure your moogle letter box is not full and is able to receive mail. The item will not be delivered if your moogle letter box is full, or the number of attachments has reached the maximum allowed.

Entry Period

From Friday, August 25, 2023 at 12:00 a.m. to Monday, September 11, 2023 at 7:59 a.m. (PDT)


  • Reflecting on my time in FFXIV

How to Enter

Log into the submission form and fill out the required information.

  • Character Name (character to receive the in-game prize) *Required
  • Home World Name *Required
  • The URL to your “Character Profile” on Lodestone *Required
  • Name of desired prize *Required
  • A brief comment (optional)
  • Attach a screenshot that meets the following criteria *Required
  • Taken according to the theme of “Reflecting on my time in FFXIV,” with your own character in the picture.
  • Image resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels or larger
  • Aspect ratio: Must be 16:9
  • Image format: .jpg or .png image file format
  • File size: Up to 5MB per image

* If you wish to submit a screenshot of yourself with another player character, please obtain their approval before submitting the screenshot.
* Each entrant may submit as many screenshots as they wish, but no more than four screenshots may be attached to a single entry.
* Screenshots may be adjusted with a light-colored overlay in the process of creating the mosaic artwork.


The FFXIV Community team will select up to twenty-thousand entries to be used for the mosaic art. Those selected will receive an in-game item of their choice from the following items:

- Modern Aesthetics – Strife
- Gaelicap
- Noble Barding
- Bluebird Earring

* Winners will be awarded an in-game prize in or around late November 2023.
* If the prizes cannot be sent or received for any of the following reasons, the prize will not be delivered again:

・ Incorrect character name or Home World
・ Character name or Home World changed after submission
・ Mailbox at full capacity, including attachments
・ The in-game prize item has been previously obtained

* You may submit multiple Entries during the Entry Period; however, only one (1) Entry will be accepted per character. You will only be eligible for one (1) prize per character regardless of how many Entries you submit.

Entry Disqualification
The following types of entries will be disqualified:

  • Submissions missing the required information.
  • Submissions that do not feature a player character.

Regarding Entries

  • Entries may be featured in various other media.
  • Entries found to be violating the terms and conditions will be removed even if they are used in the mosaic artwork.

Proceed to the submission form.

Please click here to read the official rules in all languages.

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