BRING ARTS Y'shtola Figure Coming Soon!

Y’shtola makes her debut in the BRING ARTS figure line, clad in her “Sorceress” attire!

From her midnight black dress to the texture of its fur accents, our designers spared no effort in recreating these fine details. For example, her ears and tail use the pigmentation already incorporated in the material to bring her design to life. Additionally, we have included a new type of neck joint that allows for a wider range of poses.

Her accessories include Nightseeker, a thaumaturge arm that harnesses the power of destruction, as well as six different interchangeable hand pieces. This figure showcases Y’shtola’s enigmatic charm and would make a great addition to any adventurer’s collection!


* Images shown are under development and may differ from the final product.

Product Information

Release Date

November 2020


* Updated July 13, 2020 at 06:00 p.m. (PDT)

Product Size (Inches)

Approx. W 3.1” × D 3.1” × H 5.5”

Proceed to the pre-order page.

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