Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the PS5™ Open Beta Test

We would like to answer a few questions we have seen from the community following the start of the open beta test for the PlayStation®5 version.

How do I transfer configuration settings from the PS4™ version?

Configuration settings, such as the HUD layout, will not be transferred automatically from the PS4™ version to the PS5™ version. Please use the Server Backup Function available on the Character Selection screen before logging in with your character.

Bear in mind that there are two back up options: client settings, which saves a backup of UI, sound, user macros, etc. and character settings, which saves a backup of the HUD layouts, hotbars, gear sets, etc. Please first back up your desired data from your PS4™ version and then download it to your PS5™ version.

Learn more about the Server Backup Function.

If you were playing using PS5™ backward compatibility, you can switch back to the PS4™ version by selecting the […] on the FINAL FANTASY XIV game home screen and launching the PS4™ version to upload your settings. You will be able to determine which version you are launching by checking the top left portion of the FINAL FANTASY XIV game home screen. “FINAL FANTASY XIV | PS4” will be displayed for the PS4™ version and “FINAL FANTASY XIV Online” for the PS5™ version.

Even if you have already logged into the PS5™ version, you can switch over to the PS4™ version to upload your backup data so it can be downloaded onto the PS5™ version.

How do I Change the Buttons Assigned to Confirm and Cancel?

This can be changed from the System menu → System Configuration → Wireless Controller Settings → Controller Customization. However, please note that this only applies to gameplay and it won’t affect the behavior of the launcher or general PS5™ controls.

Why does the Opening Cinematic Play When Logging In?

The opening cutscene will always play the first time that you sign into a new platform, and the data center selection will also appear. Note that you can also skip the opening cutscene as well.

Please visit the official forum to discuss any questions with your fellow players or to report any issues you encounter.

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