The Digital Fan Festival Stream Hub is Live

We’re pleased to announce that a stream hub for the Digital Fan Festival is available! Review the show schedule while you watch the stream all from within the stream hub. As a reminder, all stage events will be broadcast live and can be watched for free.

Visit the stream hub.

Additionally, we’ve implemented a feature where you can send your own applause to the venue using your chat comments!

* Please note that co-streaming is allowed during the Keynote Address, but is not allowed for any other stage events.

Applause Phrases

You will be able to send your applause to the venue by commenting certain phrases into the chat of our broadcasts.

How to Send Applause

Viewers on YouTube/Twitch

Enter multiple heart emojis in a row.

Nico Nico Live

Enter “8” multiple times in a row.
Example: “8888”

* Sending a large amount of emojis at once may result in your message hitting the automated spam filter. Only a few emojis are necessary to send your applause to the venue, so we recommend that you limit your message to 4 to 10 emojis at a time.
* We suggest that you only applaud a few times during each stage event so that everyone has the chance to participate and have a great viewing experience.
* Please refrain from sending ASCII messages that spam the chat.

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