Cyber Monday Mount Madness!

For a limited time only, all mounts on the Mog Station are going on sale!

Don’t miss out on this mog-tastic offer to treat yourself, or your friends, to a magnificent new mount!

* The price of all mounts has been marked down 30%.

Cyber Monday Mount Madness

Sale Period

Monday, November 27 to Monday, December 4 at 9:00 p.m. (PST)

Sale Items

Mount: Fat Moogle (Account-Wide)USD 29.99 USD 20.99
Mount: Sleipnir (Account-Wide)USD 24.00 USD 16.80
Mount: Witch's Broom (Single Character)USD 12.00 USD 8.40
Mount: White Devil (Single Character)USD 12.00 USD 8.40
Mount: Red Baron (Single Character)USD 12.00 USD 8.40
Mount: Bennu (Account-Wide)USD 24.00 USD 16.80

New Optional Items

Scion Liberator's AttireScion Liberator's Jacket
Scion Liberator's Fingerless Gloves
Scion Liberator's Pantalettes
Scion Liberator's Sabatons
Scion Liberator's Earrings
USD 12.00
Hatchling Lantern USD 15.00
Fat Chocobo Table Chronometer USD 15.00
Minion: Wind-up Shantotto USD 5.00
Starlight Robe USD 3.00
Starlight Celebration Orchestrion Roll USD 3.00
Starlight II USD 5.00
Genuine Starlight Pillar USD 5.00
Handmade Snow Drift USD 5.00

Starting today, gift codes for job-related Tales of Adventure are now available for purchase.

Check out the FINAL FANTASY XIV: Mog Station for more.

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