The Feast PvP Team Season Results Are In!

The competition has been fierce, but at last, we have declared the winners of the Feast PvP Team Season!

Top ranking teams will receive special rewards, so check out the rankings to see which teams clawed ahead of the rest!


  • Rewards will be distributed to each team member of the Top 20 teams per data center. Learn more about the rewards.
    * There will be no Ranking (Tier) rewards for the PvP Team Season.
  • The rewards are planned to be sent after Tuesday, July 2.
    * The top ranking rewards will be delivered in-game via the moogle delivery service. Please ensure you have room for more letters and attachments in order to receive them.

View the results for the PvP Team Season.

*Preseason begins with the launch of Patch 5.0. An announcement will be made regarding the schedule for the season to follow.

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