Addition of Probationary European Logical Data Center and Worlds

A new logical data center, Shadow, will be added to the European Data Center on Tuesday, June 11 around 3:00 a.m. (PDT) with one additional World than originally announced, for a total of four Worlds. These Worlds will be released as probationary Worlds to mitigate the congestion that may arise with Dawntrail's launch and will only be available for the purposes of Data Center Travel.

Probationary Worlds will be restricted from new character creation and the Home World Transfer Service but will otherwise function as regular Worlds where players will be able to enjoy their usual activities, such as undertaking quests and duties, or matchmaking via the Duty Finder. We hope these Worlds will serve as helpful alternatives when your usual data center is congested.

Furthermore, probationary Worlds will be classified as "Congested" on the Lodestone server status page. This classification is intended to indicate their restrictions on new character creation and Home World Transfer, rather than the actual congestion status of these Worlds.

We will be carefully monitoring the number of concurrent logins, and will follow up with a separate announcement in the event that new character creation and Home World Transfer restrictions are lifted from probationary Worlds.

New European Logical Data Center


New Worlds in the Shadow Data Center

  • Innocence
  • Pixie
  • Titania
  • Tycoon

* We have confirmed a bug where the Tycoon World is not visible on the Data Center Selection screen, and a bug where the name of the Tycoon World's data center, Shadow, is not displayed on the Character Selection screen. Please note that the Data Center Travel System destination selection is displayed correctly and the service can be used with no issues.

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