The Feast Season Eighteen Results Revealed as Season Nineteen Commences!

The competition has been fierce, but at last, we have declared the winners of the Feast Season Eighteen!

Top ranking players will receive special rewards, so check out the rankings and see who clawed their way to the head of the pack.

The ending of Season Eighteen also marks a beginning, as all endings do. So face your rivals, and prove yourself the most savage of the pack in Season Nineteen!

Season Eighteen Results

Competitors who reached the top of the ranks will receive rewards via the moogle delivery service. Tier rewards will be awarded to all players who finished the season in the Bronze tier or above.

View the results for Season Eighteen.

* Ranking rewards letters may take some time to arrive. We appreciate your patience.

Season Nineteen Ratings

Initial Season Nineteen PvP ratings are determined by Season Eighteen tier placements.

Learn more about Season Nineteen ratings.

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