Changes to the FINAL FANTASY XIV Starter Edition

We are pleased to announce that the FINAL FANTASY XIV Starter Edition will be updated to include Heavensward and all associated content at the release of Patch 5.3 on Tuesday, August 11! This change also applies to all existing owners of the Starter Edition as well.

Users will be able to experience the entirety of A Realm Reborn and dive straight into the Dragonsong War, take to the skies on flying mounts, level up to 60, play as Au Ra, dark knight, astrologian, machinist, and more.

* Service accounts will be updated to reflect this change starting on Tuesday, August 11. Please note that the registration status update may not be displayed immediately on the Mog Station.

Expansion of the Free Trial

Similarly, the FINAL FANTASY XIV Free Trial will also be upgraded to include the Heavensward expansion and related content at the launch of Patch 5.3! Spread the word to your friends and invite them to journey with you!

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