Skybuilder Ranking Titles/Achievements and Additional Housing

Hello, everyone.

This is Producer & Director Naoki Yoshida.

During the Letter from the Producer LIVE Part LIX, we discussed the topic of the Ishgardian Restoration skybuilder ranking titles and achievements to be featured in Patch 5.31. Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and feedback!

Our community teams in each region were kept busy collecting and collating comments from official forums, social media, and other web sites from across the world in an effort to gauge player preference from a global perspective.

These preferences generally fell into one of three categories: those who wished to keep the titles unchanged; those who wished for different titles; and those who were happy to let the development team decide.
Much of this feedback was supported with clear and well-considered reasoning which greatly expedited our decision-making process. So once again, please allow me to thank everyone for their thoughtful responses.

Skybuilder Ranking Titles and Achievements for Patch 5.31

Based on a thorough review of each region’s feedback, the development team reopened the debate regarding skybuilder titles and achievements─a discussion which led to the following decisions, to take effect as of Patch 5.31:

  • The title for placing in the top twelve, as well as the title for placing in the top one hundred will remain the same as for previous rankings
  • Achievements will be distinct, and linked to the phase in which the achievement was earned

The decision for keeping titles the same was based on two main factors: one, that titles function as a roleplaying mechanic, thus changes would undermine this public indicator of a character’s mettle; and two, the fact that amongst those who had already earned those titles, there were slightly more voices in favor of keeping the titles unchanged.

Achievements, on the other hand, are individual accomplishments which serve as a record of a character’s adventuring feats─such as how many times a character has placed well in the rankings. As such, it was decided that the skybuilder ranking achievements would be defined as “Phase II” and “Phase III” depending on when said achievements were earned.

It is understandable that having separate achievements may leave some players feeling compelled to earn them each time, but, as previously explained, the titles themselves will be exactly the same, and we wished to provide those who enjoy completing such achievements multiple times a method by which they can keep track of their efforts.

As mentioned above, we approached this issue from various perspectives after considering feedback from across the globe, and hope that the decisions we reached will satisfy the majority of players!

Patch 5.31, which features the next phase of the Ishgardian Restoration and skybuilder rankings, is scheduled for release on Tuesday, September 8.

Additional Housing Plots

This section will cover information regarding the addition of new housing plots, as announced in the recent topics.
The travel restrictions introduced in response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) currently prevent us from making any large-scale physical expansion to our servers, and so we are focusing on optimizing server processing in order to provide extra plots. Now that we have a clearer idea of the time frame and scale of these additions, we are pleased to announce the following details:

  • New housing plots are scheduled to be added in Patch 5.35
  • Each residential district will be expanded with 6 wards (3 standard/3 subdivisions)
  • Both free company estates and private estates will be immediately available for purchase

The additions outlined above effectively mean that there will be 24 new wards in total (4 residential districts x 6 new wards).
Previously when new plots have been added, the purchase of free company housing was given priority over private estates. This time, however, either type of estate will be immediately available for purchase without restriction.

This decision was based on the relatively small number of new housing plots being added, and the fact that there is an equally high demand for both free company and private estates at this time.

In order to provide potential landowners the chance to save up the requisite amount of gil, we wanted to share this news as early as possible. Please be aware, however, that the timing of these additions and other related details may be subject to slight changes as development progresses.

Those were the two main topics I wanted to cover today, but as a happy aside, I’d like to mention that as of August 27, 2020, FINAL FANTASY XIV has reached the milestone of 7 years of official service since its “rebirth.”
This was only made possible through the enduring support of you, our players─our Warriors of Light! You have my heartfelt gratitude, and I hope to enjoy this journey alongside you for many years to come.
The world of FFXIV is still set to expand, and I plan to continue working tirelessly with our development and management teams to see it thrive and grow!

As always, I’ll see you all in the next Letter from the Producer LIVE!


Naoki Yoshida

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