Patch 4.1 Return to Ivalice: the Royal City of Rabanastre Preview

In today’s patch 4.1 preview, we give you a sneak peek at the newest alliance raid dungeon, Return to Ivalice: the Royal City of Rabanastre.

The story for this exciting new raid was written by guest creator Yasumi Matsuno, director and writer of titles such as FINAL FANTASY TACTICS and FINAL FANTASY XII. The boss designs are courtesy of guest creator Keita Amemiya, creator and director of the GARO series. Prepare yourselves for a grand adventure the likes of which you've never seen before!

Return to Ivalice: the Royal City of Rabanastre

This morning, residents of Kugane woke to find above their city an airship unlike any ever seen. Yet while of Garlean design, the vessel distinctly lacked the bleak outfitting common in the Empire’s warmachina. No, this was the Prima Vista, private stage for the Majestic Imperial Theater Company─a troupe having won acclaim across Garlemald for their timeless work, “The Zodiac Brave Story.” Which begets the question...why are they here? The answer to that question and more lies in the selfsame legend of which they sing. The legend of Ivalice.

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