Introducing 10th Anniversary Frames and Stickers for Group Pose

In celebration of FINAL FANTASY XIV's tenth anniversary, special frames and stickers will be added to Group Pose with the release of Patch 6.45.

Each of the ten frames and nine stickers features iconic moogle and/or meteoric imagery in designs ranging from sensational to subtle, allowing you to create a commemorative masterpiece bespoke to your own adventures.

Be it a solo shot in your favorite corner of the realm or full-party portraiture with your closest comrades, the pictures you take will preserve your memories forever, but these anniversary-themed frames and stickers are available for a limited time only. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to immortalize your participation in FFXIV’s tenth anniversary celebrations!

Unfamiliar with Group Pose? Read on as we explain how to add a touch of anniversary cheer to your screenshots.

* The 10th Anniversary frames and stickers for Group Pose will be available until January 2024.

Adding Anniversary Frames and Stickers in Group Pose

≪How to Add Frames≫

(1) Execute the Group Pose action.
(2) Display the settings window.
* The Group Pose Settings window can be displayed with the buttons assigned to Autorun or Subcommands: R or NUM* on a keyboard, X(□) on a gamepad, or by pressing the wheel on the mouse.
(3) Access the Effect/Frame Settings tab, open the Frames pull-down menu, and choose your favorite from the options marked with the multicolored logo.

≪How to Add Stickers≫

(1) After following steps (1) and (2) above, access the Effect/Frame Settings tab and then select the "Sticker Mode" button.

(2) Open the pull-down menu on the Icon tab, select the 10th Anniversary category, and then place the stickers of your choice wherever you please.

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