Sanctuary's Heart: FINAL FANTASY XIV Chill Arrangement Album Available Now!

Kick back and relax with these chill arrangements of 20 popular tracks from FINAL FANTASY XIV!

Brought to you by eight talented artists, these songs are sure to provide comfort and put your mind at ease after a long day of adventuring.

Sanctuary's Heart: FINAL FANTASY XIV Chill Arrangement Album


1. Serenity
2. Painted Foothills
3. The Labyrinth
4. Crimson Sunrise
5. Old Wounds
6. Night in the Brume
7. Finality
8. Shadows Withal
9. Equilibrium
10. Tomorrow and Tomorrow
11. 'Neath Dark Waters
12. Close in the Distance
13. Heroes
14. Ink Long Dry
15. Civilizations
16. The Dark Which Illuminates the World
17. Stars Long Dead
18. Afterglow
19. Flow
20. Oblivion


・grooveman Spot
・DJ Mitsu the Beats

Available for purchase at participating retailers.
* Price and availability may vary according to retailer.
* This album is only available as a digital download.

Soothing Sanctuary Mix FFXIV Music to Craft and Gather To

The 20 songs featured in the arrangement album will also be featured as “DJMIX” versions. These remixes by music producer and DJ tofubeats will be accompanied by animated videos by animator and illustrator Oswaldo KATO!

The DJMIX versions will be available through the official SQUARE ENIX MUSIC Channel via YouTube Premiere on Wednesday, November 23 at 3:00 a.m. (PST).

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