New Adventures

From the mightiest of mountains to the darkest of depths, adventurers have braved all manner of dangers for want of spoils and glory. In an endeavor to bring ever richer experiences to the intrepid heroes of Eorzea, two esteemed guest creators have been invited to partake in creating harrowing new challenges for the realm's bravest adventurers.

Eight-man RaidInstanced Dungeons

Eight-man Raid

Interdimensional Rift─Omega

From the question of its origin to the very nature of its existence, much about Omega is shrouded in mystery. Employed by the Allagan Empire to capture Bahamut, it remained in an eras-long stasis until recently, when it was roused to contend with the threat of another primal. In the course of this mission, however, it vanished within the rocky expanse of Gyr Abania...

Instanced Dungeons

Instanced Dungeons

Many a ship has mysteriously vanished while sailing upon the strange tides of the Sirensong Sea. Whilst sailors will tell you it's all the doing of a terrible specter that lurks beneath the water's surface, perhaps something far more sinister prowls the briny deep...