New tales of daring and adventure await as the Warrior of Light prepares for a journey beyond the borders of Aldenard. Yet what new dangers await in Gyr Abania and Othard in the Far East? Behold the beauty of these distant lands and the beastmen and primals that threaten to plunge them into chaos.

Journey to the EastPrimals and Beastmen

Journey to the East

Ala Mhigo Gyr Abania
Ala Mhigo
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Primals and Beastmen


Lord of the Revel, summoned by the Kojin tribe in an act of desperation.
From the myriad of deities housed within the three sacred treasures of the Kojin, Susano stepped forth to answer their pleas for deliverance. This divinity of the sea sees battle as a celebration, but challengers will find no revelry nor mercy at the edge of his fabled blade, Ame no Murakumo.


An aquatic beast tribe commonly found on and near the Ruby Sea. Their settlements lay beneath the waves, where they thrive on the endless bounties of the deep. Unlike other beast tribes, they do not worship a single deity, for they believe gods exist in all things. Perhaps in part due to this conviction, they have a penchant for trading and collecting all manner of effects.



The Lady of Bliss, beloved deity of the serpentine Ananta tribe.
Legends tell of a beauty without equal, a benevolent goddess whose coming brings the promise of halcyon days and bountiful harvests. Some believe she has imparted her life-bestowing powers to her most fervent followers─the Ananta. Lakshmi, in her infinite mercy, would shelter them from harm, granting them succor with her alluring embrace.


A serpent-like people who inhabit the mountains of Gyr Abania. Consisting solely of women, this tribe has existed since the time of the Allagans, and is famed for their proficiency with gemcraft, employing age-old magicks handed down through generations.

Susano Kojin
Susano Kojin