FFXIV Patch 4.2

Rise of a New Sun Main Scenario

Thanks to the Warrior of Light’s heroic deeds and Raubahn's long-awaited return, Ala Mhigo continues its steady march towards recovery. Yet there is no rest for the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, for the winds of trouble are blowing from the Far East, where an unexpected spark threatens to set the kindling of chaos ablaze. Can Doma survive the brewing firestorm to welcome the light of the new day?

The Jade Stoa  Side Story Quests

Legend tells of a peerless samurai who, at the behest of a king, ventured forth to drive a host of oni into the sea. Yet for all his strength, Tenzen could not do this alone, and so he turned to the Four Lords─greatest of the auspices─for assistance. Together they succeeded, and afterwards journeyed west, far from the realms of men, to live out their days in solitude. A faerie tale, perhaps...but often in such tales a kernel of truth can be found.

New Dungeons

Hells' Lid

Having found themselves in somewhat dire financial straits, the Scions of the Seventh Dawn are on the lookout for profitable ventures. Fortuitously, one appears to have presented itself: an anonymous missive from an individual seeking the aid of the warrior who laid low the Lord of the Revel. But before they will divulge the details, they would put your abilities to the proof. To wit, you are to venture into the hidden depths of Hells' Lid, a volcanic island once home to a host of oni─at least, according to ancient legend...

The Fractal Continuum (Hard)

The Fractal Continuum plays host to both technological marvels and chimerical horrors conceived through the unparalleled ingenuity of the Allagans. And while its facilities have remained dormant since a recent endeavor to salvage materials, Garlond Ironworks has detected a peculiar energy signature emanating from within. Few would dare even ponder what monstrosities yet stir within, but the Warrior of Light need not wonder. The Ironworks has beseeched their aid to investigate the resurgence of activity within the ancient Allagan museum.

The Feast (PvP)

Crystal Tower Training Grounds New Map

In commemoration of the Eorzean Alliance's declaration of the dawning of the Seventh Astral Era, a grand melee is to be held. The chosen venue: new training grounds fashioned in the image of the highest reaches of the legendary Crystal Tower. In that ancient seat of power re-envisioned, the wolves gather for the Feast!

New Team System

Form a PvP team of up to six players, utilize the specialized group chat function, and choose an insignia to represent the party. Compete against other teams in brand-new ranked matches.

New Rules

Battles have been made shorter and more dynamic, and feature the new "Light Medal" effect that reduces damage taken as the number of medals held by a player drops. Adjustments have also been made to the UI, making it easier to see the number of medals held and status effects.

Beast Tribe Quests

The Vira, one of the tribes of snake-like Ananta, have long supported the efforts of the Resistance by sending warriors to bolster their ranks. One such battlemaid is Alpa, the broodmother's daughter, who makes up for her lack of prowess in combat with her courage and ingenuity. She dreams of making a grand contribution to the Resistance, but many bizarre and perilous trials must be overcome before her plans can come to fruition.

Glamour Dresser Glamours

Inn rooms in each of the city-states and Kugane contain glamour dressers, which allow the conversion of clothing, weapons, and tools into glamours. Glamours held within the glamour dresser can be displayed simultaneously and applied as full ensembles, making it easier to choose the perfect outfit.

Additional Updates

Subaquatic Voyages

Construct a submersible in your company workshop and hunt for hidden treasures in the depths of the ocean. Who knows what mysteries await?

Fashion Report Updated

A mysterious masked gentleman has come to the Gold Saucer and is issuing challenges─of the fashion variety. From combinations to colors, can you coordinate your way into his heart? Or will his barbed tongue leave your pride in shreds? Join heads with your fellow adventurers and strive for the heights of fine fashion!

Performance Actions Updated

The bard action Performance receives a huge overhaul with an improved interface. New piano, lute, and fiddle tones allow for even more creative freedom!

New Mounts Updated

Race across the skies swathed in divine winds on the auspicious kamuy, or unleash powerful buffets of air with the majestic true griffin. Your fellow adventurers are sure to be left dumbfounded when you arrive dangling from a magitek death claw.