Main Scenario

A Requiem for Heroes - Part 1

War looms once again. Scarcely has Ala Mhigo taken its first breath of freedom when the Empire reaches out with ironclad fingers to reclaim the bloodied nation. Meanwhile, one after another, the Scions fall victim to an incurable slumber, leaving ever fewer of their number to contend with a rapidly disintegrating peace and the mystery of the voice which haunts them...

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Patch 4.56

A Requiem for Heroes - Part 2 Updated

With their negotiations in tatters, the Eorzean Alliance must shore up its defenses as the Empire brings its might to bear on the Ala Mhigan border. In a bid to tip the scales, the Warrior of Light rushes to join the fray, and all the while a mysterious voice beckons... Can Eorzea's champion resist the call, or will this otherwordly requiem claim its final victim?

Return to Ivalice Alliance Raid Dungeon

Beckoned by the auracite, you arrive at the Orbonne Monastery─vestige of an ancient civilization lost beneath the twisted roots and vines of a forbidden jungle. The Durai Papers claim this holy sanctuary to be where the tale of young Ramza Beoulve began. Tonight, it is where your tale ends.

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Guest Creators

Yasumi Matsuno

Born in 1965 and raised in Niigata prefecture, Japan. The renowned video game designer is now CEO of Algebra Factory.

Director and writer of numerous titles, including Tactics Ogre, FINAL FANTASY TACTICS, and FINAL FANTASY XII.

Keita Amemiya

Movie director, illustrator, character designer, and head of the CROWD design studio. Born in 1959 and raised in Chiba prefecture, Japan.

Creator of dozens of titles across a variety of media, including Zeram, Moon Over Tao, Tekkouki Mikazuki, Tweeny Witches, and the GARO series.

A so-called mage of rather questionable character claims to have mastered an outlandish form of spellcasting that resembles neither black nor white magic during his voyage to the New World. Allegedly, anyone who purchases one of his soul crystals can learn to mimic the aetherial magicks of wild creatures. But can he be trusted, or is he merely a con artist looking to make a quick gil?

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Blue Magic Spellbook

The world is full of wondrous techniques for blue mages to learn, and this handy spellbook will prove indispensible. Find out where to seek new magic and view a wealth of information for spells you have already acquired.

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The Masked Carnivale

A series of events exclusively for blue mages, the Masked Carnivale offers a range of opponents on which to test your skills, earning rewards in the process.

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The Wreath of Snakes Side Story Quests

Having quelled the raging aramitama of the fearsome Byakko and the fiery Suzaku, the time has come for the Warrior of Light to confront the fourth member of this legendary band of heroes: Seiryu. Have no doubt that his trial will prove every bit as challenging as his comrades', for not only must you contend with the auspice himself, but his host of minions as well...

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Hidden Gorge PvP

Developed by Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern at great cost, the mine at Hidden Gorge proved to be a flash in the pan, its veins running dry within a matter of years. For a time afterwards, the site in Thanalan lay abandoned, but now it has been revived as a training ground for adventurers. In tracks of steel the battle lines have been drawn, and Falcons and Ravens will lock beaks once more in a struggle for territorial supremacy!

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The Manderville Gold Saucer

Doman Mahjong

The ancient Doman game of mahjong joins the entertainment on offer at the Gold Saucer. Face off against your fellow adventurers or practice against automata, and hone your strategies to triumph in this contest of wits!

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Air Force One

Ready. Aim. Fire! Strap into the Air Force and shoot the cactuar targets to rack up a high score for a handsome MGP reward.

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The Ghimlyt Dark

For those who dare travel 'twixt Aldenard and Ilsabard, there is but one path, and it leads through Ghimlyt. A confluence of harsh terrain and aetheroclimatic conditions have shrouded the land in perpetual darkness, and it is here the decisive battle for Eorzea begins. But can the Warrior of Light prevail in this land long since lost to the light?

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Patch 4.55

The Forbidden Land, Eureka Hydatos

Having conquered the burning landscape of Pyros, the expedition pushes onward to a region ruled by water: Hydatos. Here rises the headquarters of the Students of Baldesion, their final destination, but aetheric anomalies and fearsome creatures conspire to ensure that entry will not be easily gained. Yet gain entry to the tower they must if they are to head off the threat of the primal Eureka and lay the isle’s mysteries to rest once and for all...

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Additional Updates

Custom Deliveries

The mysterious Adkiragh, illustrious proprietor of the Hard Place, has found himself on a proverbial precipice, and only by your custom deliveries can he make his way back from the brink. Those who contribute to his cause will not only earn special rewards, but permission to coordinate his attire besides. Will the visage behind the mask finally be revealed? There is only one way to find out!

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Patch 4.56

Even Further Hildibrand Adventures Updated

What a wretched state of affairs it is, to have Shigure detained for aiding and abetting the escape of the Wolf Burglar, when it was more or less my brilliant idea! Justice and guilt─but mostly justice!─compel me to remedy this situation with all due alacrity, and to that end I would investigate the questionable activities of Master Akebono, who is doubtless the villain at the heart of these dark intrigues. Yet what is this curious sensation, this foreboding familiarity which gnaws at my breast? Could it be...a long-lost fan?

Patch 4.56

Stormblood Beast Tribe Quests Updated

A spectacular tale awaits in the Far East, where the Ananta, Kojin, and Namazu meet at last. But for them to come together, things must first fall apart...

Be it by land, sky, or sea, these new mounts will take you where you need to go.

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New Minions

Be the envy of your fellow adventurers with these adorable wind-up toys.

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New Hairstyles

These new hairdos are bound to leave an impression!

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New Emotes

Express yourself with these new gestures and poses!

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