Introducing ChocoGo - The Evolution of Ridesharing

Unfortunately, this is an April Fools' day joke! But maybe some day...

Greetings, everyone!

It brings me great pleasure to share our newest innovation with you all! I'm extremely pleased to present "ChocoGo" - our brand-new ridesharing initiative from the minds behind FINAL FANTASY XIV.

ChocoGo is something we've been working on in secret for some time, so without further ado, I'd like to present our first promotional video and let Cid Shipman, the CEO of ChocoGo, fill you all in.

The popularity of ridesharing apps and services has been growing steadily and we know that our chocobos are the logical evolution of that trend. Chocobos bred for speed, comfort, rider preference and more await users of the ChocoGo app. Select your favorite color, riding music, and destination with a few simple taps of the app and you're ready to ride in style.

We'll be entering into an extended beta period for the ChocoGo service as we gather feedback from our customers as we look forward to the official launch later this year!

Visit the ChocoGo website to learn more details, read testimonials from our early testers, and to learn how you can get involved!

Our chocobos are ready to be put to wark!

- Bayohne

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