Journey to the Dark (In)side at PAX Australia 2022

Lali-ho, everyone~

Kiwikopo here with updates featuring our journey to the land down under.


We flew to Melbourne earlier this month for PAX Australia and boy did we have a great time! Excellent atmosphere, outstanding cosplays... you name it!

PAX Australia lasted three days from Friday, October 7 to Sunday, October 9. We were super stoked to have such a huge booth this year. Check it out! /wow


We had two different Battle Challenges this time: the Ifrit Battle Challenge for newer players and the Zodiark Battle Challenge for more seasoned veterans. Those who emerged victorious against Ifrit received an Ifrit water bottle, while players who defeated Zodiark received an I BEAT ZODIARK T-shirt.


(Moogle and microphone not included.)

We also had a Sprouts Corner for onlookers who were interested in trying out FFXIV for the first time. I wonder if they knew that our critically acclaimed MMORPG had a free trial...?



Throughout the event we've had the pleasure of having a few amazing hosts and streamers entertaining our players on stage.



They hosted a few trivia sessions where players had a chance to win some goodies!



We were also graced with a lot of awesome cosplays--too many to count in fact--you can see some of the photos we took on the official FFXIV Twitter account!



But of course, an event like this wouldn't be complete without a little get-together!

On the evening before PAX, we hosted a Fan Gathering at the Emerald Peacock in the heart of Melbourne.


Players traveled from all over Australia and New Zealand to join us in the cosy rooftop bar for some delicacies and banter.

WMT10073 (1).jpg



A few lucky players even managed to snag some prizes during the lottery session!


It was amazing to be able to meet so many passionate Warriors of Light in person again after so long!

Here's a video recap of what went down during PAX and the Fan Gathering!


And that's a wrap for now! We hope everyone had a wonderful time at PAX, and we look forward to seeing you all again at a future event!

- Kiwikopo

Community Team