Lyrics Dedicated to Moonlight

Greetings and salutations Warriors of Light, Okieeomi here to share a lyrical blog post focused on Patch 6.3 content!

Today we're sharing the lyrics for Dedicated to Moonlight!


The song plays during the final boss encounter of the Euphrosyne alliance raid and pulled many of our strings, quite literally, with its fast-paced rhythm and beautiful vocals.

Let's dive into lyrics and experience the emotions conveyed through the piece!


Dedicated to Moonlight

(Oh at fair moon's rise
Into the night fly
Follow the moonlight
Fear not what you find)

(O heart's desire
Join now our choir
For love conspire
Go, chase it higher)

Through the silent woods tonight,
I am guided by moonlight,
For the first time so alone fearing no shadow

Like my mother before me I follow this path
Knowing love will find me

She will hear my song tonight
(Tonight, full moon rise)
Dedicated to moonlight
(Clouds part, how she shines)
See that I'm a woman grown enough for secrets
(Dance as once did I. O daughter of mine)

Like my grandmother before me I know each note every beat,
(Go, oh, go, go)
Melody mine to keep

(Go, sing now unto the sky)
(Girls are born to step into the light)

O wide open midnight sky, please
Carry my voice aloft
Far away where she waits
Lover's moon
(Oh, Moon)

Fairest goddess wandering the night
In your name we bare our hearts
(Songbirds of night)
With your grace will our passion take flight
(Passion take flight)

We would keep your song alive
Shrouded safe in soft moonlight
(Silver and white forest moonlight)

Maiden goddess of heavens above
In your name we share our hearts
(This world we share)
With your grace will our prayer become
(With you through prayer)

Solace, shelter, hope and love
Greater than the tales sing of
(Oh, true love)
Oh, love

(Songbirds of night, passion take flight
Silver and white forest moonlight
This world we share with you through prayer
Oh, love for you)


One can't help but be overtaken by the delicate yet playful nature of the song, especially near the end with the exquisite fiddle rhythm! "Dedicated to Moonlight" is now available in our latest downloadable mini album, so be sure to give it a listen.

See you next time!

- Community team