5.0 PvPeek

Hello everyone, Ridrina here, anxious to get you some PvP info before culling time! Early access is right around the corner and I'm sure you're all eagerly waiting to level up your characters and explore what Shadowbringers has to offer.

You may have seen the plethora of changes made to PvE actions coming in Patch 5.0 via various announcements and interviews, but I bet you have been wondering about PvP actions too.

Luckily, we are able to show some of the adjustments that will be made to the PvP system and actions, from right here in the Wolves' Den!


So without further ado, let's take a look at some of the changes coming in Patch 5.0!

Gunbreaker and Dancer Debut Naturally, you will be able to participate in PvP as gunbreaker or dancer!

20190626_sm_02_ganbure.jpg 20190626_sm_03_odori.jpg

As with other jobs, their PvP actions will vary from their PvE counterparts. Please look forward to how the two new jobs will feel in PvP!

TP Removed from PvP Actions Parallel to PvE, the TP system will also be removed from PvP. Actions that previously consumed TP have been adjusted accordingly.

One good example is dragoon's Piercing Talon, its recast time and effects have been changed with the removal of TP.


Removal of PvP Traits, Rework of Additional Actions Our original intention with the PvP trait system was to allow for unique playstyles, but we found that players tended to select the same traits when playing certain jobs.

Instead of focusing on PvP traits as the defining point of playstyle, we reworked each roles' additional actions. This will provide more options for players when selecting actions that complement their playstyle.

For example, here are the melee DPS additional actions!


Note that some older actions have returned, such as Fetter Ward! Each role has their own unique selection of additional actions. Even physical ranged DPS and magical ranged DPS have different additional actions!

The number of actions that can be set will continue to be limited to two, so choose yours wisely and remember to check them before each match to make adjustments!

PvP Actions Adjusted for All Jobs All jobs have received a major PvP action rework in Patch 5.0. There will be brand-new actions as well as changes to old actions. Some jobs may find that their playstyle has changed quite a bit as a result!

For example, here are some of the changes made to ninja.


Some of the new actions added in Patch 5.0 are also available in PvP, such as Goka Mekkyaku and Bunshin!


Pre-existing actions have also received a number of adjustments, allowing for new strategies! For instance, Kakuremi shared the use of Three Mudra with other ninjutsu actions. Now it will have its own recast time, allowing you to use it freely without worrying about other options.


Additionally, Shukuchi is now a charged action with a maximum of two charges. You could use Hide to disappear, and then Shukuchi to quickly close in on an unsuspecting target! We look forward to seeing how players adapt these changes into their playstyle!


Of course, the other jobs have had PvP actions reworked as well, so we hope you'll try them all out in Shadowbringers!

PvP will be receiving a large number of changes in Patch 5.0, and a new Frontline mode is planned for Patch 5.1, so please look forward to it! See you on the First!

- Ridrina
Community Team