The Last Remnants of Hair

Greetings, everyone!
It's a crazy busy day, what with the preliminary patch notes being released, but we had to share some more fun stuff with you all!

Let's take a look at some of the new hairstyles coming in Patch 2.5!

Hairstyle A (For the Fellas)

Hairstyle A (For the Ladies)

You may have seen that hair if you caught Takai's panel during the Tokyo Fan Festival!

Hairstyle B (For the Ladies)

Hairstyle B (For the Fellas)

Both of these hairstyles can be used by both male and female characters.
However, hairstyle B won't be available in Before the Fall part 1, so just consider it a look at things to come for now!

Wait a second.
I feel like I've seen these two styles before, perhaps from another game? Maybe Takai can explain it (or maybe he has some explaining to do...)?

We're almost there! January 20 is just around the corner!
Peruse the preliminary Patch 2.5 notes now!

- Bayohne