The Trailer Before the Fall

Greetings, everyone!
Bayohne here with the update you've all been waiting (patiently) for!

The Patch 2.5 - Before the Fall trailer is here!

You see, at the tail end of 2014, a lot of the core dev. team members came down with the was actually pretty rough. We worried whether or not the trailer would be completed in time, but Takai and Soken worked feverishly throughout that time to get it completed! (Even if it's a bit later than usual...)

Project Manager M went exploring in the new Keeper of the Lake dungeon and brought back these screens to share!

She did a great job of not spoiling anything major! That or she was just too busy healing to take good screens...

Patch 2.5 Part 1 releases on Tuesday, January 20! Prepare yourselves!
- Bayohne