Easy Doze It

Greetings, everyone!
*Yaaaaawn* Bayohne here, back with another...zzz...update for you all.

As you know, patch 2.1 ushers in the release of the free company housing system that adventurers around the realm have been anxiously awaiting. Of course, no free company headquarters would be complete without a multitude of beds for their members to relax on after a hard day's work, right?

Well, the cool thing is... you really will be able to relax on those beds! By getting near the bed and using the following emote you'll hop right on!

Check out this Lalafell, enjoying a moment of respite after battle.

Or this Miqo'te, who no doubt just enjoyed a relaxing dip in the water!

We're really looking forward to seeing you all enjoy this relaxing new approach to...relaxing!

- Bayohne