Posed and Ready for Endwalker

Greetings, everyone! This is Zhexos from the Community team!

Have you been keeping up with the Endwalker countdown illustrations?
Seeing those wonderful illustrations really hits home that the expansion is near!

With the help of the Screenshot Alliance, everyone in the QA team, and the Community team, I'd like to share a number of updates that will be added to the Group Pose feature!

▼ New frames and stickers will be added.


Here's a brief rundown of what'll be added!
- A new frame featuring musical staves
- Job icons for sage and reaper
- Washi tape styled after Kugane/Doma/Crystarium/Eulmore/Bozja
- All sorts of adorable stickers, including minion-themed doodles

It'll be great to have all these new additions since we're all going to be taking so many screenshots during Endwalker!

▼ Group Pose will be available during Performance mode.


Using Group Pose while Performance mode is enabled was not originally planned for, so after numerous investigations and thorough checking, it'll be here as an official feature starting Patch 6.0!

Not to mention it'll remember and replay the last Performance action you used! Amazing!


Even if you find Performance mode a bit intimidating, you can take wonderful screenshots that make you seem like Eorzea's next big musician!

▼ NPCs that accompany you in certain quests introduced with Patch 6.0 can be set as targets.


We announced this feature in the latest Letter from the Producer LIVE.
Just think of all the screenshots you could take!

It'd be a shame to go through the main scenario without knowing you can use Group Pose during these sequences, so be sure to tell your friends!

▼ Actions exclusive to transformation and role-playing sequences will be replayable.

It'd be quicker to just see what I mean, so take a look at the following!




That's right, you can now take screenshots of your favorite characters in their best moments! Adding this feature during a new expansion release is just such impeccable timing!

And that concludes the sneak peek!

Group Pose is a wonderful feature that makes it easier to take the screenshots you've always wanted! I hope you'll make the best of it during Endwalker's release, as you capture your moments of triumph and memories with fellow Warriors of Light.

To wrap things up, here's a screenshot we took while playing around with the updates described in this sneak peek!


See you all in game!

- Community team