A Whole New World

Greetings, everyone!

The new World Visit System will debut tomorrow in Patch 4.57 ahead of the release of Shadowbringers so that we can work out any issues that may arise. Although your character resides in its "Home World," the new system will allow you to travel freely between Worlds that reside on the same data center as your Home World.

Visiting Other Worlds You can visit other Worlds through the main aetherytes located in the three city-states: Limsa Lominsa (Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks), Ul'dah (Steps of Nald), or Gridania (New Gridania).

Select the Visit Another World Server option in the menu and then choose the World you want to visit.


Once you have selected a World and preparations are complete, you'll be on your way.
(Note that the Worlds listed in the image above are from the test server.)

The familiar kashing! sound will play to let you know you're all set!

Once the teleport loading screen fades, you'll be on your temporary home away from home. You can always confirm which World you are currently on via the Server Info section of your HUD.

Additionally, you will receive the Wanderer tag after your character name when visiting another World.

Some of the Can and Cannots of World Visiting You can accept, progress, and complete quests just as you would back in your Home World.

You can also party with other players, queue for duties, and purchase items from the market board. You will also be able to use free company and PvP Team chat channels, as well as cross-world linkshells. However, you will not be able to message others through regular linkshells.

You could visit your friends on other Worlds, take a look around at housing, or join player events.

Personally, I'm excited that I can finally meet with my friends in other Worlds outside of duties! This might even open up opportunities to meet new friends!

The play guide will be updated to include the full list of things you can and can't do in other Worlds, so please check it out. The divide between Worlds grows ever smaller with the cross-world Party Finder, cross-world linkshell, and now the World Visit System.

We hope you enjoy visiting the various other Worlds out there!

- Bayohne
Community Team