Hear, Feel, Click...

Greetings and salutations, Okieeomi here from the Community team!
Did you enjoy the latest Letter from the Producer LIVE? Can you believe we're already up to the 61st one?

In our latest broadcast, Yoshi-P showed off some of the latest content coming in Patch 5.4 and 5.45. Along with our usual exciting updates such as new main scenario quests, Eden's Promise, The Navel (Unreal), and Ishgardian Restoration, we'll also be introducing the all-new Delubrum Reginae, an increase to the blue mage level cap, updates to Doman mahjong and Triple Triad, explorer mode for dungeons, The Shifting Oubliettes of Lyhe Ghiah, gatherer updates, and more!

Personally, I can't wait for little sprouts to finally experience what it's like to bow down under the weight of Titan!

Along with all the new upcoming content, interface enthusiast rejoice! We'll be making all sorts of adjustments to the user interface (UI) and today we'd like to share some updates that may not be noticeable at first glance.


Revamp of Party Finder features and Objectives for Unreal Trials
Now here's a feature that was frequently requested during the previous unreal phase: in Patch 5.4, your completion status of the current patch's Unreal trial will be saved! Furthermore, you will be able to set the completion status requirement within the Party Finder or the Raid Finder when recruiting party members!!!


The battle against Titan returns, landslides and upheavals included! Whether you want to speed run the duty for Faux Hollows weekly or want to practice the fights mechanics, now you can recruit parties for your desired objective.

But wait, THERE'S MORE! New rewards will be added along with this new Unreal trial, so be sure to give Titan an O'Ghomoro and save up those Faux Leaves!


Displaying Adventurer in Need
Another addition to the Duty Finder is the ability to view which roles are benefiting from the Adventurer in Need bonus directly from the list of Duty Roulettes. Whoa, talk about ease!

The Duty Roulette names will also be simplified~
Simple and clean is the way these changes are making me feel tonight, it's hard to let "Duty Roulette:" go...



Linking Quests in Chat
As shown in the Letter LIVE, the ability to link quests in the chat window will be implemented. Simply select the option at the bottom of the journal to link the quest into your chat window. Other players can click it, like an item link, to view the quest information in their own journal.

en_20201203_ah_3.png en_20201203_ah_4.png

Not only will sharing quest objectives between players be much easier but asking for quest help is just a link away! So handy!


Up next we have some revamps for Disciples of the Hand and Land!

"Search Recipes Using This Material" Revamp
Fun fact: in Patch 5.3 "Search Recipes Using This Material" was available for players to use on materials within their inventory. It was quite a wonderful feature that allowed item hoard--I mean, item collectors such as myself, to easily discard or sell materials of little use. If you have not tried it, I highly recommend you do!

This feature was great, but it was limited to use on items within your inventory. However, it will be expanded to the following menus in Patch 5.4:

- The market board item list
- Vendors and exchange vendors' item
- lists
- Loot menu
- Item links in the chat Window
- Even the search results found when using "Search Recipes Using This Material"






Last but not least, an in-game button has been added to make it easier when visiting websites.

Easy Access to Community Finder Webpages
As you (hopefully) know, we introduced The Community Finder to the Lodestone website.

The Community Finder has recruitment pages with tons of information on all sorts of FFXIV communities, such as free companies, linkshells and cross-world linkshells, and PvP teams. If you're looking for a community for your preferred playstyle, or weren't sure how to reach out to join a group, this feature is right for you! You can even recruit members for your own community!


In Patch 5.4, a new icon will be added to the Player Search menu, which will allow players to easily visit the Community Finder.


Many of you may be wondering how to go about finding linkshells or free companies to join and play with. But now that the Player Search tab will include an easy to click on button, it'll be really convenient for finding new communities. There are so many FFXIV communities out there sharing their interests, hobbies, or in-game gatherings, so it might just be worth taking a look around!


Well that's all the UI updates we have in store today! These updates will be coming very, VERY soon in Patch 5.4! Ahhhh! We're SO CLOSE!



The Development team is working hard to deliver content for everyone to enjoy, so we hope you'll be just as excited as we are for these juicy UI updates!

We hope you continue to enjoy your time in Eorzea!

- Community team