Hello, Ridrina here, currently waiting to become the darkness in Shadowbringers! As everyone knows, we've already showcased some of the cool features and adjustments coming in 5.0 that will make our travel to the First that much smoother, but we're not done yet! You can bet that the team will have more to show in next week's Letter from the Producer LIVE!

The User Interface team has already revealed a few features:

・ User Interface themes
・ Battle UI adjustments
・ Housing furnishing previews

But there's still more yet to be revealed! Let's look at a few more sneak peeks!

Altitude Indicator for Quest Objectives
Have you ever gone towards a quest location only to be left more lost than you started? "I don't see anything, but I'm right there on the map!" We've got a solution for that!


In order to help prevent these frustrating situations, an altitude indicator has been added to quest objectives displayed on the map and minimap. Note that at the time of Patch 5.0's release, this feature will only be available in quests that were added in Patch 5.0. We'll be gradually implementing this feature for quests that were added in Patch 4.5 and earlier.

20190607_yn_EN_02_navimap.jpg 20190607_yn_EN_03_map.jpg

An icon will indicate whether the quest objective is higher or lower than your current location. You can even hover your cursor over it to see the altitude difference as a numerical value.


I've found it! Gone are the days of getting lost en route to my destination!

A Rumble in the Duty Participation Window Controllers will now vibrate when you've been matched in the Duty Finder and the confirmation window appears!


When this change was requested at the Fan Festival in Paris, Yoshi-P mentioned that it "should be possible." Sure enough, the team made it happen!

New Party Finder Links You will be able to access Party Finder recruitment through the following methods:
・ Character name of the Party Finder recruiter
・ Links to the Party Finder in chat

As shown below, clicking the recruiter's name in chat will display the new "View Party Finder" subcommand! Selecting the subcommand will open their Party Finder's recruitment window.


Additionally, you can click the new chat icon on your recruitment window to insert a link in chat.

20190607_yn_EN_07_PT_lync.jpg 20190607_yn_EN_08_PT_chat.jpg

This will allow you to skip the trouble of looking through the list of recruiting parties when you already know which party you want to join!

Hairstyle Selection Changes The aesthetician hairstyle customization menu will now display information on how unlocked hairstyles were acquired.


Additionally, hairstyles you unlock will now be available in retainer character creation!


While it's certainly nice that unlocked hairstyles will be easier to identify, it's especially exciting that you'll be finally be able to use those hard-earned hairstyles on your retainers! What's that? My retainer can look like Noctis? Finally, all my dreams can come true...

Simplifying PS4 Login The PS4 client can now save your password on the launcher! Enabling the option in the launcher will skip the password entry process for your next login onward.

20190607_yn_EN_11_PS4_password_n.jpg 20190607_yn_EN_12_PS4_zoom_n.jpg

* One-time passwords will still need to be entered every time.

This time, we focused on some of the finer details of the UI updates, but we hope these adjustments will bring some improvements to your adventures!

Shadowbringers will be here just over 20 days! The development team is working hard 'till the end to bring you the best experience possible, so please look forward to it!


- Ridrina
NA Community team