QoL Unto Dawn

Greetings, everyone!

Zhexos from the Community team here. It's almost that time! Patch 5.5―Death Unto Dawn will be released on Tuesday, April 13! We showcased a lot of what's to come in the patch in the Letter from the Producer LIVE Part LXIII, which you can watch here if you haven't already.

I'd like to share some information on some helpful quality of life changes arriving with Patch 5.5.

■ Achievements Menu Revamp
First up, receiving achievement rewards will be simplified in Patch 5.5. Up until now, achievement rewards were retrieved from Jonathas in Gridania, but with this change, rewards will be available directly via the Achievements menu. /salute Jonathas!


The Achievements menu will show which rewards you can claim, so all you'll need to do is select the icon for your reward. And just so you can keep track, previous rewards you've claimed will also be displayed. The days of trekking all the way back to Jonathas only to find out you already claimed something are over!

■ Triple Triad Deck Building Rules
Patch 5.5 also introduces changes to Triple Triad deck building rules.

Up until now, you could only use one ★4 or ★5 rarity card in your deck. We've heard your feedback and we agree that it'd be nice to have more opportunities to use more of the rare cards you've collected. Therefore, we've updated the deck restrictions to the following:

- Cards of ★★★★★ rarity: 1 card per deck
- Cards of ★★★★ rarity or more: 2 cards per deck
- Cards of ★★★ rarity or less: no limit


Try out some new decks and continue to share your feedback!

■ Release Selection Menu for Fishing
Ever go fishing and catch a hefty amount of fish while also releasing the ones you don't want... and then accidentally put your rod away? Now you need to build up all those release targets again.

In Patch 5.5, you'll be able to select which types of fish you'd like to release automatically ahead of time!


Fish you haven't caught yet won't be available for selection, so you won't need to worry about accidentally releasing new fish you were aiming to catch.

We hope this makes fishing more enjoyable for all the Anglers of Light out there!

■ Emote List Revamp
Warriors of Light know that emotes are a great method of lighthearted communication. There are times where I only communicate using emotes (and I'm sure it's the same many of you too). But there's one problem. We have a ton of emotes! As of March 2021, we have over 100 different emotes!

I'm sure we all have quite a few unlocked and may struggle when looking for a specific one you just can't remember the text command for, like /goobbuedo.


A new search feature will be added, which will be accessible by selecting the magnifying glass icon in the emote menu. This should make finding a particular emote a breeze, especially since you can search for both emote names and text commands!


Newly registered emotes will be indicated by a green icon as well. You no longer need to go meticulously scanning through each tab looking for that new emote!

That wraps up our peek at some upcoming UI updates. With the patch only a week away, you won't be waiting for long! I hope you enjoy the new updates in Patch 5.5!


- Zhexos
Community team