Raiders of the Hidden Aquapolis

Greetings, everyone!

Camate here bringing you deeper down the Mysidian rabbit hole of Patch 3.3 content as we explore the Aquapolis!

Continuing on their adventure to test and check all the new instanced content, the development team's elite light party set off to find the entrance to the Aquapolis.

Wait... Something about that Lalafell...

Oh, for a moment I thought a Fat Cat was sitting on top of that Lalafell's head, but it seems like all is well! ANYWHO--let's get back on subject.

The team searched the land to uncover a treasure chest using a Dragonskin treasure map.

After clearing out all the monsters that guarded this fine treasure, a strange portal appeared.

Hopping into this portal will begin the adventures in the Aquapolis!

However, whether you uncover this mysterious portal and how far you will be able to proceed in the depths of the Aquapolis is up to Lady Luck! (Well, actually it's up to the luck of the person who has the map!)

If you are looking for fortune and glory, definitely seek out a portal and try it out!

As the story goes, the team set the reward to 100 gil only for this test play session, and upon receiving that sweet, sweet booty, Yoshida didn't seem too pleased, sending Komoto running for the hills. There are always great tales from each of these sessions!

The Aquapolis makes its opulent debut in Patch 3.3, so start building your get-rich-quick plans now!

My buddy here is pretty excited too!