Pre Patch Preview

Greetings, all!
Bayohne here, with some exciting updates from the recent FFXIV stage show at the Tokyo Game Show!
The team showed off some exciting content planned for patch 2.1!

(Keep in mind some terminologies may change before release...)

New Primal Battle: Good King Moggle Mog XII Extreme Mode Primal Battles New Dungeons - Two Hard Mode Dungeons
- Brand New Dungeon: Pharos Sirius

The Crystal Tower 2.1_2.jpg

Housing 2.1_3.jpg

The Wolves' Den 2.1_4.jpg

Treasure Hunting Hard Mode Boss Battles Beastmen Daily Quests Duty Finder - Random Matching System

Look out for patch 2.1 this year! I can't wait!
- Bayohne