Markets, Mannequins, and Meals, Oh My

Greetings, everyone!

Patch 5.1 is so close and I'm so ready! There's so much new content to look forward to, what are you the most excited for?

Before the patch release, we've got some housing updates to share with you all. Other than new wards and plots being added to each housing district, we have a number of cool new things to show you!


Yoshi-P gave us a sneak peek of this new exterior design in the latest LIVE letter, but we wanted to show you what it looks like in-game too!


Unlike the existing exterior designs we have, this one definitely has a unique store-like feel to it, don't you think?


Of course, you can dye it your preferred color! Best of all, we have some new outdoor furnishings to accentuate this store aesthetic.


With all these new stalls, it feels like you can even host your own Eorzean farmers' market! We've got a bakery, fruit and vegetable stand, flower shop, book store, weaponry, armory, wow so many choices! There's a total of ten different types of outdoor stands, so you can fully customize your shop experience to your liking.

Don't forget to place retainers in each one to enhance that shopping experience! You can easily imagine a bustling market with lots of friends and visitors! Don't forget to update your housing tags too! ;)

Let's go inside the house now, shall we?


Hooray, we've got new mannequin models! We'll be introducing the male and female versions of Hyur and Elezen mannequins in 5.1! We've been thoroughly enjoying the Autumnal season and decided to dress them up as such. What sort of glamours will you place on them?

Next up, we've got new paintings from the First to rekindle memories of your adventures there so far!


Psst, it may be a good idea to start completing the Shadowbringers sightseeing log for these paintings!

In case you missed it, we have some other special little updates coming in 5.1. The development team heard the requests from players wanting to enjoy their meals while sitting, and so they've made this possible! Yes that's right, the characters will remain seated when you access furnishings while sitting!


We've received a lot of requests for this, but we had to tackle this from the base issue where you couldn't use any actions while sitting; therefore, it took a bit to get this implemented.

With this update, not only can you enjoy your meals while seated, but you'll also be able to do things like turn on nearby lamps, or play music from your orchestrion!


Patch 5.1 arrives on Tuesday, October 29 and introduces more features to enhance your in-game life, so be sure to check everything out on the special site!

Until next time~
- Ridrina
Community Team