Mapping the Realm: PAX Australia Achievement Unlocked

G'day mates!

FINAL FANTASY XIV has been popping up all over the world the last few months - we were in LA back in June for E3, Cologne in August for Gamescom and Tokyo in September for TGS. We love travelling the world and meeting players from every country - which is why we leaped at the opportunity to go somewhere new at the end of October, where we made our debut at PAX Australia, Melbourne!

As it was the first time for us being there, we were excited and hyped to meet players old and new. We weren't disappointed - Warriors of Light turned out in their droves and we received a very warm welcome from the community. It seems they were just as excited and happy to see us as we were to be there!

But what sort of world would it be where FFXIV turns up to a gaming event without a battle challenge? Fortunately, we can figure that out another day, as we rocked up to PAX Australia with Susano and Lakshmi in tow, ready to take on all-comers!

Expocentric PAX 2017 Square Enix-061.jpg

On Saturday, players managed to achieve a 100% win rate on Lakshmi. Even a group of seven managed to take the Lady of Bliss down and walk away with their awesome "I BEAT" t-shirts (though it was a close call!).

The surprises didn't stop there! One of the highlights of the weekend was when an all-tank group (consisting of four Warriors and four Paladins) won against Susano! Who needs healers when you have Fell Cleave on top of Fell Cleave on top of Fell Cleave?


We also had two special guests who did a fantastic job commentating the entire show, so special thanks go out to the incredible Ethys and DYoshiiTV!

nottilting.png Our amazing commentators with Yotsuyu!

In addition to the Square Enix staff manning the booth, we were also supported by our incredible Australian community of passionate FFXIV players. Thank you everyone who came by our booth and supported us, PAX Australia wouldn't have been half as much fun without you!

See you in Hydaelyn!

P.S. [SPOILER ALERT] Our Aussie mates also built a shrine for Haurchefant and Papalymo. We'll let you know when we've stopped weeping.


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