Visiting San Francisco and the First

Greetings, everyone! Bayohne from the NA community team here to share a quick report from last week's Shadowbringers media tour in San Francisco! (Huge thanks to Foxclon from the JP team for capturing the amazing photos!)

As I said, the tour took place in sunny (and often rainy) San Francisco! Foxclon used some free time to do some quick sightseeing and snap some lovely photos. Since the launch of A Realm Reborn, the FFXIV team has continuously returned to San Francisco for our events because many of the media are concentrated in the area.

While we're often in San Fran, the venue does change each time. This time we're deep in the city in this very nice space.

Upon entering, you're greeted with the hand-operated elevator, which was pretty exciting to ride in (if only a little shakey). At our destination, the staff is on hand to welcome you (I should get back to work).

After that, you enter the event space...

The decorations are amazing! The team definitely put in a lot of effort to make the atmosphere of the space shine through!

First thing that Yoshida did when he arrived was do a technical check of the presentation (that he had done 3 times in Europe days before) and then audio/video checks.

The next day, we kicked off the event! Here you can see Yoshida and Aimi hosting the Shadowbringers presentation for media.

It wasn't just media that were paying close attention to the presentation, but even the staff was excited to learn more about Shadowbringers! Everyone looking on so intently...

After the presentation, the interview sessions kicked off. I believe there were around 15 slots, and each slot would sometimes host 2-3 media at once, so Yoshida and Aimi had to do a lot of talking... Thanks for your hard work!



All of the embargoes for the media tour are now lifted, so be sure to read over the exciting coverage today when you have free time! We invited lots of media and FFXIV content creators to the event so you'll definitely have a lot to read/watch leading up to the early access.

Oh, one more thing.

It seems the various photos of Yoshida sitting in ornate furniture always proves popular with the community. So this time we grabbed some shots of Yoshida looking dapper in the SF media tour. Which is your favorite?

Enjoy all the Shadowbringers media tour coverage! And we'll see you again soon!

- Bayohne
NA Community Team

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