Shadowbringin' it at PAX West

Hello, adventurers!

Okieeomi here, back from my very first PAX West with the community team!

This PAX was particularly exciting, because we were joined by Art Team Lead Takeo Suzuki and Main Scenario Writer Natsuko Ishikawa, who hosted a panel on Sunday. There was so much going on and the event went by quickly, but I'd love to recap some of that excitement with all of you!


Over at the booth, we had the classic battle challenge featuring Titania, as well as something new! We debuted a New Player Experience where aspiring adventures took on the story-mode Ifrit battle to get a taste of FFXIV. So many enthusiastic newcomers came along, and we sent them off with a free Starter Edition to begin their journey! I'm looking forward to seeing more sprouts in Eorzea! :)

We also gave out these cool dark knight foam swords! We especially loved seeing kids come by for them, even if they whacked their parents with it afterwards (sorry!)


The booth was always packed with both new and old adventurers!



Media Interviews

The media interviews were held in a separate room away from the bustling booth. Our dev. team guests answered so many questions over the course of two days despite battling jet lag! We were very thankful that so many media groups wanted to feature us!

By the way, the media suite was in the same hotel that our guests were staying in. They ate breakfast and lunch in there too, so for those few days, they didn't have a chance to step outside from morning until night!

Development Panel
On day three, we finally got to do more exploring and headed to the Paramount Theater for the panel!

Both Suzuki and Ishikawa were overwhelmed by the extravagance of the hall and mentioned that it reminded them of Eulmore.

Many Warriors of Light came to the panel, and we concluded it with our hearts warmed by all the encouragement the dev. team received. They even received a standing ovation!

If you missed the panel, you can watch the archive on our official Twitch channel!

Signing Session

We also hosted signing sessions before and after the panel, where attendees had a chance to meet and speak with Suzuki and Ishikawa. There were many attendees that came in costume, and we truly felt everyone's passion for FFXIV!







This about covers everything for PAX West! Whether you were there, or watching our stream, we wanted to say thank you very much for the support!

- Okieeomi
Community Team

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