Interfacing the Future

Greetings, adventurers!

Voltenyne here, reporting in once more!

We recently broadcasted the fifty-fourth installment of the Letter from the Producer LIVE from Tokyo Game Show 2019, during which we showed off some shiny new updates that will be arriving in Patch 5.1! If you haven't seen the details yet, take a look at the summary!

In the lead up to Patch 5.1, the User Interface team has been working hard on the upcoming Disciples of the Hand and Land revamp and the New Game+ feature. While they had their hands full with those tasks, they've also made some fine adjustments to some existing user interfaces.

I'll be going over some of these splendid UI-related updates with you today!

Glamour Dresser Update

When placing items in the glamour dresser, you'll have the option to hide items that are registered as part of your gear sets.

Additionally, when editing your glamour plates, you'll be able to:
- Display only items that can be equipped by your character's current race/gender
- Display only items that can be equipped by the selected class/job


They may not be the biggest changes, but these organization methods are sure to spark joy!

Duty Finder / Raid Finder Update

Moving on to the Duty Finder / Raid Finder updates! Notice anything new about the image below?


That's right, you'll be able to view your average item level directly on the Duty Finder window. But that's not all! The settings have been revamped and all options are now displayed in one section!


That setting the finger is pointing to? Oh, it's just an option that'll allow you to disable the Echo.

You're probably thinking, "By the Twelve! Why would I ever do that!?" Well, there's been rumors that this feature may be helpful for blue mages, but we'll have to wait and see how...

Emote Updates

Two updates will be made to emotes as well!

Currently, the emote list is ordered by their internal ID number, but now you'll have the option to sort them alphabetically! It'll be easier to find that flex emote when you need it!


Next, have you ever run into the regretful situation where a friend emoted you, but you didn't notice until it was too late to emote back? If so, this update is for you! There's now a setting that'll make a sound whenever someone directs an emote at you!

Now your friends will be happy that you noticed them, senpai!


There are more improvements being planned, but that's all we can cover for today!

Patch 5.1 is scheduled for this month, and is packed with the long-awaited YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse alliance raid, Ishgard Restoration, New Game+, and much more!

We hope you find these updates useful in your everyday life in the realm!

- Voltenyne
Community Team

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