Center Stage at Fan Festival 2019 in Seoul

Hello everyone, this is Sicycre, bringing you a summary of the Seoul Fan Festival held on October 5 and 6!

The event kicked off with the keynote from Yoshi-P, where he announced that Shadowbringers would be released in Korea on December 3! Some glamour gear was showcased alongside other information exclusive to the Korean version!




Some other notable segments throughout the Fan Festival were when Yoshi-P and Soken appeared together for the Developers' Panel and shared stories about developing the game and soundtrack. The two were extremely delighted to share this information live with the Korean audience for the first time!


The Cosplay Contest awed the audience with unexpected characters and spectacular performances. You can see the winning entries below!





The Feast Regional Championship finals also featured mind-blowing battles that even amazed Yoshi-P!



Another great panel featured the voice actors of some prominent characters, who shared some of the stories from their recording sessions. To the audience's great delight, they even did a few impromptu performances!


And of course, no Fan Festival would be complete without some musical performances!

Susan Calloway and Keiko wrapped up first day of the event with a piano concert, while the second day concluded with a performance by THE PRIMALS. Both days were met with an overwhelmingly positive response from the Warriors of Light in Korea!



The piano concert was particularly well-received, as it was the first time it had been performed in Korea. A spectacular display of lights illuminated Susan Calloway and Keiko as they performed in perfect sync. You could tell that everyone was very moved by their performance.



To all our Warriors of Light in Korea, we'd like to say thank you for another wonderful Fan Festival! We hope to see you again soon!

And thank YOU for taking some time to read over this overview with me! I'll catch you next time!

- Sicycre
Community Team

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