The Fat Cat and the Paissa

Hey everyone, Zhexos here.

Today I'm here to introduce some upcoming merchandise that is available for pre-order!

First up, let's take a look at the Fat Cat cushion. Those who follow the official FFXIV Instagram account (which we hope you do!) may remember a photo of Yoshi-P "testing" out a prototype in July.

I certainly remember it. All I could think was, "Oh, my, Twelve, Bayohne, look at that cat! It is so big!" What can I say? I like fat cats and I cannot lie!

OK, enough reminiscing. Recently the Square Enix Japan Merchandise team shared a few new photos of the three (!) giant fat cat cushions they have in their office. We had to share them with you!

This adorable furball is approximately 75cm (29.5 inches) long, 89cm (35 inches) wide, and 45cm (18 inches) tall. It's gigantic!

Here's a view of this majestic beast from above.

Just like regular cats, the fat cat cushion always seems to be in your seat when you least expect it. It's so cute that it makes you question whether you actually need to sit in that chair at all...

Have a few more photos from various angles. The Merch team mentioned that the cushion was so soft and fluffy that it felt great sitting on it!

Following that, let's check out this cute Paissa Patissier plushie!


This little paissa will be sure to keep an eye on you while you bake some amazing pastries! (Or attempt to bake...)




Look at the serious face! This paissa is ready for the job with its chefs' tie and hat.


And check out these buns! They're so round, and "well done" on the tail area, it may just give you the inspiration you need when baking some amazing buns of your own. Just don't bite into them (although it's super soft)!


Furthermore, this paissa comes with an in-game bonus item code for the Stuffed Paissa Patissier indoor furnishing! So not only can you enjoy it IRL, you can enjoy in-game as well!

So WoLs! (Yeah!) WoLs! (Yeah!) Don't you want this fat cat and paissa? (Hells yeah!)

Pre-order from our Square Enix store now!
- Giant Cushion - Fat Cat
- Paissa Patissier Plushie

And remember... fat cat got back!

- Community team