Glamoured for Real

Hello everyone, Sicycre from the Community team here.

For the upcoming Digital Fan Festival 2021, we're holding a very special Glamoured to Life event where you can show your love and support for your favorite characters by cosplaying or even using everyday items that may resemble that character. You can even use everyday items that may resemble that character to create your own fun take!


We've received a good amount of submission thus far... However! We also noticed quite a few submissions that don't follow the guidelines. /sad /cry

As we would love for everyone to be able to participate in this fun event, and we really want to avoid rejecting submissions, we've extended the entry deadline to Monday, May 10 at 7:59 a.m. (PDT). I'm sure some of you may be wondering what type of glamour we're talking about for this event, so allow us to help you out!

◆Event Overview
We're asking everyone to show your appreciation for your favorite character (be it an NPC, monster, your own Warrior of Light, etc.) by dressing up as them in real life however you'd like to. Whether you choose to wear an intricate outfit designed to completely mimic them, or simply create an outfit themed to showcase your love for a certain character, the choice is up to you!

Once you have that ready, snap a photo and submit it via the submission form.

Here's a quick example!


Don't fret too much, as you are more than welcome to use store-bought items and such. Just make sure you're showing your support for your favorite character in person (not in-game) and that you're holding a piece of paper that has the character's name and the brief comment you submitted alongside your entry. Holding is the key as you must be holding it with your hands! Not sticking it on your body or placing it in somewhere inside the photo - you must hold it.

◆Can you offer some other examples?
As long as you meet the theme, you're free to dress up any way you want! Just tell yourself: I'm dressed up as [character name]!
* There are some general rules as well, so be sure to read the guidelines carefully before submitting!

We've showcased these in the last Letter from the Producer LIVE, but here are some more examples of possible glamours. These photos are from previous events and are intended to give an example of what to dress up as, so they aren't holding the required piece of paper with the character name and comment.


Put on a white sweater, a hat, and a red bag... and voilà! You're now a delivery moogle!


Put on a glamourous wig, some wings, and bam! You're now Innocence! Remember, it has to be an in-game character!

We're looking forward to seeing your glamours in real life! (*'▽'*)

◆How should I take the photo?
When snapping your photo, the main thing to remember is to make sure you show off your glamour while holding a piece of paper which includes the character's name and your brief comment. Of course, please make sure that your photo meets the size/resolution requirements.

▼Image Format
- Image Size/Resolution: 1920x1080 or 1080x1920 pixels or higher.
- Image Format: Either .jpg or .png file format.
- File Size: Under 3MB.
- Make sure you only attach one image!

▼What to Include on the Paper You're Holding
- The name of the character you're dressed as
- The brief comment you're submitting in your entry
* Do not include your real name, nickname, or character name.

If you're dressed as your own character, you can choose the "My Character" option from the drop down and just write the same on the paper ("My Character"!). Can't find your character in the drop down? Just choose the "Other" option and enter the info in the box!

As long as the information on the paper is legible, you can use whatever type of paper or color you want. If you're worried about your handwriting, you can also print it out!





This is OK as well!
* The Japanese text includes "Namazu" and a brief comment.

So, what are you waiting for!? Join us and let's make this Digital Fan Festival a blast!

- Sicycre
Community Team

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