Upcoming Merchandise Spotlight

Greetings, this is Zhexos from the Community team.

We'd like to showcase some of the new merchandise that was recently unveiled during the Digital Fan Festival! We'll be looking at the full range of new merchandise that debuted, but please note that several items may have already sold out.

Behelmeted Serpent of Ronka Plushie
A new minion plushie! This adorable plushie is designed to replicate the Behelmeted Serpent of Ronka, which is said to be an incarnation of the Great Serpent of Ronka. Something about it just makes you want more. This plushie also includes a bonus in-game item code for a Stuffed Behelmeted Serpent indoor furnishing!

This plushie fits perfectly wherever you place it, but it's so cute you may just keep hold of it.

Wine Glasses - Ascian Sigils
We finally have merchandise featuring the Ascians! The three-piece set features glasses with the sigils of Lahabrea, Emet-Selch, and Eldibus. These are beautiful wine glasses that would be great even as simple home décor.

Just to test, we poured in some tea (we promise it was tea). It added a sense of luxury!

We debated on different types of boxes and what color the cloth should be inside.

Book-style Storage Box - Source Map
We turned the world map into a book-style storage box! This box is pretty big, so you're able to store all sorts of items inside. I always have trouble figuring out where to store my controller, so I might finally have the perfect solution.

It's quite spacious, so you can even store large items. It's good to sneak in FFXIV into your daily life even when you're away from Eorzea.

Acrylic Job Magnets
The job magnets have proven to be quite popular and it's been very difficult to keep them in stock!

It may be difficult to see with the reflection, but these have a glossy feel to them making it feel like they're shining when held in your hands. While these are perfect as decorations, there may be other uses for these, such as when planning out strategies...!

Note that the images shown were samples made for review, so they may differ from the final product.

FINAL FANTASY XIV Figure - The Crystal Exarch
Next up, let's take a look at the new figures that also made their debut during the event!

The figure, including the base, stands at approximately 6.3 inches (16 cm). It's not too large, so you can place it on a shelf or desk for easy viewing!


Although the pose is quite simple, the stance conveys the Exarch's charisma.


The face is still undergoing adjustments, but here is a closer look at some of the details. Small details such as his red pupils and Miqo'te facial features have been replicated. We also slightly raised his dimples to give him a softer expression.


His arm accoutrements have also been replicated in detail.


Take a closer look the details of the staff and accessories on his outfit.


His right arm uses semi-transparent material to replicate the crystallized look. We worked to really capture the essence of the Crystal Exarch's likeness.

FINAL FANTASY XIV Figure - Ardbert


Ardbert stands at a height of approx. 7.5" (19 cm), including the display stand. Let's get a closer look at the colors and armor details.


Once again, let's zoom in on the face, where you can see he wears a confident and brave expression. This figure is also in the process of being finalized.


The armor looks worn, giving him the appearance of an adventurer who's seen many battles. We've used a slightly dark silver color to make the armor look more impressive.


Iconic features on his axe have been replicated in paint as well.


To give the standing pose a little more movement, we made this part look like it's flowing in the wind.

We kept the relative size in mind when making these figures, so I recommend lining the two of them up side-by-side!


Let's shift gears over to some more functional, everyday items that you can use on your daily adventures in real life!

Personal Organiser - Job Icons
A fashionable personal organiser featuring a job icon design. You can fill it with pages that are readily available, so you can use it for a long time!

While the personal organiser doesn't include any pages to start with, here's what it looks like when filled with pages.

The hooks open by extending the metal fittings at the top and bottom, so you can easily add or remove pages. You can also store cards or a pen inside too.

Foldable Eyeglass Case - Job Icons
This eyeglass case can be folded up to take up less space when you're not using them to store your glasses. A sleek item designed to be carried around easily!

Here's what it looks like when storing your glasses. The case has a triangular shape to keep the glasses safe when stored.

Here's what it looks like when you remove the glasses and fold it up! Quite portable!

Key Case - Job Icons
The key case houses four relatively large rings you can use to store your keys. Depending on size, you could even hold your favorite keychains along with your keys too.

The key case is enclosed from both sides to keep the keys from jostling around and scratching other items.

Compact Wallet - Job Icons
With digital forms of payment becoming more popular, you may find that large, bulky wallets are no longer necessary. Here's where the compact wallet comes in!

There's a small pocket with a fastener for stowing away coins. Cards can be kept in a separate pocket on the side, which is helpful when you're stepping out of the house for a bit.

Here's what it looks like with a few business cards inside.

Stole - Job Icons
To make it a bit easier to match with your outfit, we subdued the job icon pattern on it just a bit. We recommend loosely wearing it around your neck to accentuate your outfit!

We also made it somewhat large so you can utilize it while at home too. It might come in handy when you're playing games or want an extra layer over your lap or shoulders.

Sling Bag - Job Icons

An easy-to-use design that goes well with casual outfits! We went for something that would suit adults and we were careful with the shape design and selecting the belt and buckle.

The opening of the bag is quite large, and it can fit all of the other job icon merchandise.

There are six items in total for the job icon merchandise series and they're all unified with the same black color scheme and should be quite versatile for everyday use!

That's a wrap at our look at all the new items! Which ones are you excited to get (now or possibly in the future)?

Visit the Square Enix Store to pre-order your favorite new items. The ongoing Endwalker Water Bottle Promotion lasts until Sunday, June 13, so be sure to check that out as well (as these items are included in the promo)!

- Community team