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Gods Revel, Lands Tremble

Coming January 10, 2023

New Story

What care gods for mortal woe, heedless of realms rent below What care gods for mortal woe, heedless of realms rent below What care gods for mortal woe, heedless of realms rent below What care gods for mortal woe, heedless of realms rent below

Main Scenario Quests

Gods Revel, Lands Tremble


In the darkness of the Thirteenth, the Warrior of Light finds an unexpected ally in a half-voidsent woman named Zero. She returns with them to the Source for a time, and upon recovering from their recent trials, they prepare to continue the search for Azdaja. But an unforeseen threat bars their path...

New Challenges


Alliance Raid Dungeon

Myths of the Realm, Part 2: EuphrosynePATCH 6.3

The Twelve, Eorzea's guardian deities, seek to fulfill their enigmatic aspirations, and for this they claim they must engage in battle with men. Continuing your efforts to uncover the truth, you and your comrades set forth once more for their heavenly abode in the phantom realm...


New Dungeon

Lapis ManalisPATCH 6.3

In pursuit of voidsent, you learn of an abandoned village in the mountains of Garlemald where Garleans once practiced the reaper arts. But what will you find there deep in the heart of the mountain?



Mount OrdealsPATCH 6.3

You are challenged to battle by Rubicante, the most powerful of Golbez's archfiends. Have you the strength to endure his fiery fury?

PATCH 6.31

Ultimate Raids

The Omega Protocol (Ultimate)PATCH 6.31

What if Omega's relentless testing had continued, and provided the elusive answer it sought? The minstrel's words invite you to imagine this scenario─to entertain the possibility of that which may have been─and follow the experiment to its ultimate conclusion.

PATCH 6.35

Deep Dungeon

Eureka OrthosPATCH 6.35

In the late Third Astral Era, when the ancient Allagan Empire was at the zenith of its glory, researchers toiled deep under the Crystal Tower to uncover secrets which might uplift their motherland to even greater heights. Their laboratory was dubbed Eureka Orthos, where impossible concepts of immortality, cloning, and dominion over the divine were made reality. So fantastic was this research that the legend of Eureka has endured through the ages─and it now falls to the star's foremost adventurer to bring the laboratory's buried secrets into the light of day.


New Unreal Trial

Containment Bay P1T6 (Unreal)PATCH 6.3

As ever, the faux commander craves tales of death-defying derring-do, and in a bid to satisfy him, you cast your mind back to your frenetic encounter with the eikon Sophia. The memory remains vivid even now, and you find yourself facing the Goddess once more, your very survival hanging in the balance...



Tataru's Grand EndeavorPATCH 6.3

When Tataru receives an unexpected proposal for a partnership from an acquaintance in the Far East, you are beckoned to join in the negotiations for reasons beyond your ken…

PATCH 6.35


Somehow Further Hildibrand AdventuresPATCH 6.35

After enduring a series of surreal misadventures on the moon, Inspector Hildibrand has made it back to the star's surface. He and his eclectic crew launch themselves directly into the search for Master PuPu's missing companion─an endeavor which attracts the attention of old acquaintances both affable and aggravating...

PATCH 6.35

Weapon Enhancement Quests - Manderville WeaponsPATCH 6.35

Lord Godbert has been diligently deciphering his ancestor's manual in a bid to recreate the magnificent Manderville weaponry. Though stymied by cryptic code for quite some time, the key to advancing the augmentation process is finally in his well-manicured hands!

PATCH 6.35

Tool Enhancement Quests - Splendorous ToolsPATCH 6.35

Emerging from a hermit-like existence at the bottom of the Tempest, a legendary craftsman makes his triumphant return home! The Crystalline Mean provides the stage for a new saga of splendid tools and ardent artisans.

PATCH 6.35

Loporrit Tribal QuestsPATCH 6.35

With the moon no longer needed for interstellar evacuation, myriad tiny voices cry out for new purpose. Fortunately for the erstwhile starship crew, their own Dreamingway has no little experience in fretting over such matters, and is determined to help each and every Loporrit find their way.


Custom Deliveries - AndenPATCH 6.3

In the flowering fields of Il Mheg stand the leafmen, erstwhile mortals who now spend their days as topiary bushes generally do─in quiet contemplation. However, Lydha Lran's status quo is shaken to its roots when the pixies discover a highly irregular shrubbery in their midst. Eo Tyr is quick to identify him as "Anden," but who is this lump of leaves anyway? And why won't he stop talking?


Treasure Hunt

The Shifting Gymnasion AgononPATCH 6.3

Nestled in a corner of Elpis, the testing ground of creation, lies the Gymnasion Agonon, a facility constructed to gauge the limits of familiars. Precisely how many of its trials Azem's familiar can withstand, and whether or not they will discover the treasure hidden in its depths is something of a debate among the ancients. For curiosity's sake─and undoubtedly to stave off boredom─ethereal observers watch with bated breath from within...


Island Sanctuary UpdatePATCH 6.3

Return to paradise, where a new landmark, animals, sanctuary ranks and unlockable items await. In addition, numerous improvements have been made to the user interface and more based on player feedback. There is no better time than now to explore your island!



New Crystalline Conflict ArenaPATCH 6.3

Crystalline Conflict's newest venue will challenge competitors' acumen like never before. Do you have what it takes to march unscathed in the pneumatic parade?


The Manderville Gold Saucer

New Leap of Faith CoursePATCH 6.3

From the depths of the Black Shroud comes a lofty challenge to those who would reach the heights of athleticism. Will you be the first walking one to ascend as sprightly as a sylph?

New Systems


Additional Duty SupportPATCH 6.3

The Duty Support system has been expanded to include six additional dungeons from Heavensward. With all main scenario dungeons playable in the free trial now covered, this is the perfect time to begin your adventures in Eorzea!

* The duties newly added to the Duty Support system are as follows: the Great Gubal Library, the Aetherochemical Research Facility, the Antitower, Sohr Khai, Xelphatol, and Baelsar’s Wall. Further updates will be progressively implemented in future patches.


Housing UpdatePATCH 6.3

New neighborhoods are coming to Mist, the Lavender Beds, the Goblet, Shirogane, and even fresh-built Empyreum!

New Items

New Mounts

New Minions

New Emotes