Moogle Minion Merriment

Greetings, everyone!

Did you all see the news about the PlayStation 4 version Collector's Edition earlier this week? We're adding two new in-game bonus items to the previous CE items—the Fat Chocobo mount and the Wind-up Moogle minion!

I went on the development server to see if I could catch a glimpse of the new minion in action...because I'm sure it's going to be cute.

Hey! That looks like Project Manager M's character...and a wind-up moogle! (I didn't yell at her to "Freeze!" or anything...)

That minion is pretty adorable, I must say.

Wait a second. Other players were bringing their wind-up moogle by and...

It looks like if two or more gather together, they start doing something...

They're all dancin' a little jig!

I wonder how many you can get together to interact? I guess you'll all need to try it out for yourself!

Project Manager M was even telling me that the minion-loving programmer created this whole dance without telling anyone... does Yoshi-P even know?

If you're excited to get the PlayStation 4 version Collector's Edition, click here to pre-order!

- Bayohne

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